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Weekly Update

Overview | July 17, 2016

Greetings. As another week draws to a close our attention can begin its shift toward the Lord’s Day and the beginning of a new week. I’d invite you to take a few moments to read this note so that you can be as prepared as possible to receive what the Lord would have for you.

9:00 Electives | All classes are held in the academic building

Room #104 Galatians (Blake La Grange)

Room #105 Membership Matters (Alan Lenz)

Room #106 Financial Stewardship (Jonathan Rourke)

Room #108 Christian Worldview (Ken Pichette)

10:30 Service | Dignity, Wisdom, and the Hope of the Gospel | 1 Timothy 2:9-15

We’re back in the book of 1 Timothy on Sunday morning. This particular section is addressed to women. In the broader context, both men and women are told to focus on character because it is just as important as conduct. What you do is a product of who you are. Who you are is a consequence of how you think. So Paul is going to focus on the attitudes that lead to decisions.