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Sunday School Classes

This Sunday, May 20, we begin a new series of 6 week Adult Sunday school classes. Each class is from 9-10am and is open to anyone who wishes to participate.
1.   Care and Discipleship

The next 6 weeks will focus on completing the requirements for the IBCD Level One written exam. Each class will address a section and guide the student through the process. Even if you have not been the class before, we would encourage you to attend and get an idea of just how helpful the material is for your own walk with God, and in our efforts to help others. This class meets in the Ministry Room of the Worship Center and is led by Doug and Sue Roberts, and Brian Kinley.

2.   God With Us - The Temples of the Bible

One unique aspect of biblical Christianity is God’s purpose and determination to dwell with His people. God’s nearness to His people and at the same time His separateness because of His holiness is powerfully communicated through the various temples that He commanded to be built. Starting with the tabernacle in the wilderness we’ll study the seven temples recorded in God’s Word. This class is taught by Alan Lenz and meets in the Choir Room of the Worship Center.

3.   Biblical Principles of Finance

All of life is a stewardship. In our effort to be faithful to the Lord, we need to understand what God’s Word has to say about money. In this class we’ll be applying biblical principles and discernment to the subject of earning, giving, spending, saving and investing resources for the glory of God. This class will meet in Academic Building, Room #104 and will be taught by Don & Lee Tartre.